5 reasons why you should work with us:

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1) Good value for money

We charge a flat fee rate for our services calculated by a sum of estimated working hours plus a handling fee for external suppliers. You will know the cost up front.

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2) Boost your reputation

We will not only organise an event to meet your business objectives, but we will boost your reputation by organising an environmentally friendly event with guest wellbeing considerations taken as a priority. 

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3) Flexible working

We can accommodate how you prefer to work. Whether that be meeting virtually, working alongside your marketing teams, adhering to your company’s invoicing preferences or just preferring phone calls to emails, we will do our best to work around you. 

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4) An events planner you can trust

We will ensure that who you meet will be who plans your event, so you can trust in who is working for you. 

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5) Supportive teamwork

We work with passion, respect and open communication to work with you to deliver great events and exceed your expectations.